The TMI Tag!

Hello there!

tmi tag

I haven’t done a tag for such a long time so I wanted to do one and I was finding one that’s interesting and I saw Mary from OMG RYRY do the TMI Tag, a tag where you answer 50 questions (50!!!), and I’ve asked if I can do the tag so here I am. Here is the Too Much Information Tag aka TMI Tag!

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I’m wearing my shirt that was designed for a school event and a shorts.


Not really. I can’t even define what love is!


Nope! I’ve never had a relationship. To be honest, I wanna stay single (I’m such a big fat liar!!!)


Oh, I don’t know the exact measurement. Let’s just say I’m medium? I’m not really short but I’m definitely not that tall. I used to be the shortest one in our class but not anymore (Thanks puberty)


I don’t know. I never cared about my weight.


Nope. I wish I have one, like a minimalistic tattoo, but I’m scared to get a tattoo so I don’t think I’ll get one in the near future.


Ugh, no. Why do people have piercings? I don’t get it.


Oh, Will and Riley from sense8 (I just started watching sense8 and I love it so much. If you have the time, watch it!!)


Oh, now we’re talking! I really love Netflix originals such as Daredevil, sense8, Jessica Jones,  and Stranger Things. I’m a fan of Marvel so I really like Legion and Agents of SHIELD. My other favorite shows are Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, and The 100.


Clean Bandit. I always love the song that they release!


Beginning of high school because everything to me was a culture shock and I love it.


I’m obsessed with Youth by Khalid and Shawn Mendes and Solo by Demi Lovato and Clean Bandit. I’m also obsessed with Have It All by Jason Mraz!


I am sixteen years old.


I’m a Gemini. My birthday’s on May 30 (hi to my birthday twins!)


I’m not looking for a relationship (I’m such a pathological liar) but to answer the question, first of all, they have to be human (very important) and just overall nice!


Always be creating! This is a quote from Abbey Sy, a Filipina hand letterer, author and artist!


My top favorites are Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, Elizabeth Olsen. Also the sense8 cast!


I don’t have one. I believe that every color should be loved equally!


It depends on my mood and the day. I mean, if I’m really really sad and lonely, would I listen to Umbrella by Rihanna?


In my bed. I’m the type of person to curl up in a ball so why not do it with a pillow you can cuddle with and a blanket to protect you from any unwanted emotions?


It depends actually. When it’s weekends, I tend to do it for at least 30 to 45 minutes. When it’s weekdays, especially when i woke up late and I’m about to be late for school, 10-12 minutes.


I often wake up late so probably 20 minutes with 2% me rushing to get my clothes and school supplies ready, 90% bathing, and the 8% me getting dressed and etcetera!


Yep. I have a little brother so we’ll play pretend and have physical fight but when we’re angry, yes, we’ll have physical fights with us just slapping each other to death.


Probably winking. (Oh god, my weird is showing!)


When someone says things that’s insulting and oppressing. I mean, what’s your deal? It doesn’t cost anything to be nice!


I was looking for a hobby back then! I thought blogging can be a hobby I have.


You’re about to see my twisted mind, people! Be prepared!

I fear that I’ll get buried alive and as each second pass, I’ll lose air. I also have an irrational fear that I’ll get hit by a stray bullet.


sense8! sense8 is so great that it brings me tears. If you’re looking for something that’s really good, watch sense8! It’ll change your life, no exxageration!


I’ve never been in love but I do love my friends and family!


There’s no meaning or hidden metaphor in my blog name. I just coined it! Though, a bit of history about the name: it’s my first blog name when I blogged at Tumblr!


Legends by Marie Lu. It’s a really really great book!


Prodigy by Marie Lu which is the sequel to Legend!


sense8. (Drink a glass of water everytime you read the word sense8)


Myself. Should I explain myself or…


He’s my father.


Oh, this is cruel! I can’t choose one…

Banana bread.


New York since I want to study there. Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, and Athens!


The kitchen because I cooked myself a (second) dinner.


Of course. 70% percent of them are MCU actresses (Pom Klementieff is cute y’all!)


I haven’t kissed anyone.


Just this morning when I told myself that I look ugly and I’m trash (Being a trash isn’t insulting though because I know I am!). I can be very narcissistic and then I’ll just insult myself all of a sudden.


I don’t get this question. I get all kinds of sweet.


I don’t play any instrument though I wish I can play piano and violin!


I don’t wear any jewelry.


Volleyball. I used to play for fun when I was at 8th grade. I’m not good or anything. I can get a lucky spike, that’s all.


Apex Predator from the Mean Girls musical!


Oh, I kinda hate pick-up lines.


Used what? Sorry, I’m dense (and I’m writing this at midnight.)


I hung out with my classmates at a rented place with a pool for our closing party. We always do it everytime we finish a school year but this one is extra special because we graduated!


I think everyone should! This is such a fun tag to do and I’m so happy that I did it!

There you go guys! I just answered 50 questions and wow, this post is long! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this tag as much as I enjoyed it!

Bye guys!


Oh The Future!

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Hey guys!

The thing with future is that it can be scary. You’re washed with the uncertainty of what’s going to happen and it scares you. When I was younger, I was like that. I was so scared of what’s going to happen to me in the future.

I have a bad history when it comes to my family. We were always ridden with problems. May it be financial or marital ones. That wasn’t the case when I was kid.

But even though we have a lot of problems, we bonded. We laugh at jokes. We go out together to enjoy some special occasions. We were still capable of coexisting harmoniously but as I grew up, that change.

We rarely go out. We don’t bond anymore. We can’t coexist peacefully. My parents always fight in all sorts of problem. They can’t seem to stop.

So as I witness all of that unfold, I can’t stop thinking what will happen if I have my own family. That’s when the future scared the hell out of me. What if I inherit the same corrupt attitudes my parents has that led to the downfall of my family?

That wasn’t the only thing I feared. What if I got stuck to a job I don’t want? Will I be able to make the right choices that’s gonna lead me to a successful life or will I hit rock bottom? What if I disappoint my parents and other family members with the type of career I’m taking?

But what scares me the most is what if I disappoint myself?

I’ve been thinking about the future lately.

I’m going back to school next week (wow, everyone having their summer vacation right now are so so lucky!) as a senior high school student. I’m 2 years away from college where I’ll be taking up a course and graduate and then get a job and start my career.

EDIT: I’m already back at school. I wrote this post last week so the “I’m going back to school next week” is false now.

So you see, I’m at the point my life where the decisions I’ll make today, especially about the kind of path I’ll be taking when it comes to my college life and career, will affect my future!

As I ponder about these things, I can’t help to look back and think about the fear I had when I was a kid. Well, to be honest, I still have some of those fears.

Here’s the thing: I want the best for me. Everyone wants the best for themselves. I’ll be very honest and say that I’m not living the best life. I think the house I’m staying in isn’t a very healthy environment for me. We always have financial problems here and then. I’m always struggling when it comes to my mental and emotional health.

With these kind of problems, I want to make sure that what I’m doing right now, what I’m deciding, will give me a successful life in the future so I won’t have to the same problems when I’m an adult.

I am scared. That’s the truth. But at the same time, I am excited!

As I said, I’m going to become a senior high school student. That’s a pretty big leap from junior high. I’ll have to adapt to a new kind of environment even though I’m still staying at the same school. Why? Because I have new classmates who comes from different places and backgrounds. I’ll meet new teachers that I don’t know. I’ll be in a new campus (again. This is the third time we’ve jumped from another campus).

The point is everything’s new! It scares me, because I’m uncertain of what’s to come, but with that kind of uncertainty, it brings me excitement. I’m excited to my new classmates and also my old classmates and close friends who I’ve been with for years!

After two years of SHS, I’ll be planning on going to an art school in Manila (I live in the Philippines!). I don’t live in Manila so I’ll have to live on a dorm or rent a place, which I’m excited about. I really like having my own space and just being alone in that personal space.

A lot of things is going to happen in the next few years of my life and these events will shape me. I may be scared of the uncertainty of all of this but I’m also so excited on what’s coming and what’s going to happen.

As I’m writing this post, I just realize that whatever I face, I think I’m ready to experience it all. I’m scared, excited, unsure but also ecstatic.

Oh the future!


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Songs I’ve Been Obsessing With

Hey there!


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New songs have been emerging there and then and a lot of them are so good (some not!) and for me, it’s really important to refresh my “on repeat” playlist because I tend to be stuck on the same song over and over again and I neglect new songs that are good. Thank God I finally had the audacity to make a new playlist that include some new songs from famous artists that I’ve been obsessing with and some not so new!


This song is from the new album released by Shawn Mendes. It’s a self-titled album and wow, it’s really good! I’m never a fan of Shawn Mendes (but I didn’t hate him either) but I was searching for new songs. I listened to the whole album and oh wow! It’s good but this one stuck to me. I really love the combination of Julia Michaels and Shawn.


This one’s really freaking catchy. This song is from Julia Michaels’ 2017 EP called Nervous System.  Julia Michaels has a really great voice and the guitar in the song really suits her voice. The song’s all about the battle between of head and heart. It really has a lo-fi theme in the song (I really like lo-fi songs and hiphop).


I fell in love with this song the first I heard it. It’s so good, you guys. There is no denying that Troye Sivan is a human filled with pure talent (but Troye, please go back to Youtube! I beg you.) This song is everything I wanted it to be.


Daivd Guetta and Sia is the duo I never knew I needed… again. They collaborated for the song Titatnium and you all know that Titanium is an iconic song! Sia, of course, is amazing at the song. This one’s really an inspirational song and for me, it’s a really great song to start the day!


Kendrick Lamar produced an entire album for the marvel movie Black Panther along with some other artist and the album is so good. My favorites are Opps (the song they used for the car chase scene in the movie) and of course, All The Stars, sang by (one of the queens) SZA with Kendrick Lamar. SZA never fails to amaze me. Also, I was never a fan of hiphop though I listen to some but I never considered myself as a fan not until this!

There you go! I hope you all enjoyed this post. What song are you obsessing recently?



Hello guys!

I am finally back to the blogging world and I can’t wait to blog again.

For those who need a refresher, I took a long long hiatus from blogging because I was having difficulty writing especially in terms of motivation and inspiration. I just can’t write and that become such a nuisance. I thought I just need to step back and have a break from the blogging world to refresh my mind.

So here I am! Though I can’t believe that my goodbye post was published last October 2017!

Though I’m excited to write new posts and interact with you, I have to explain something. ItsJerrod evolved into Jerrodology!


One of the goals I set up for me to achieve when I was in hiatus was to revamp the blog and I thought that a change in the name of the blog is nice.

A little  history to the name “Jerrodology”: It’s actually the first name of the blog I had. A quick notice that I didn’t blog in WordPress in the beginning. I blog at Tumblr using the blog name Jerrodology. To be honest, I can’t remember how I came up with the name but I like it very much.

Aside from the blog name change, you can also the new color scheme of the blog. I really like yellow especially that shade (it’s so freaking retro!!!). I’ve also updated my about me and contact me page, and some of the widgets.

Are there more new stuffs? Sure!

I want to collaborate more with other bloggers so I thought I’d do BLOG REDESIGNS! Basically, if anyone of you wants to redesign their blog with a fresh look, you can contact me at! Graphic designs, typography, and colors is my other fortes other than writing and blogging.

Also, if anyone wants to guest post in my blog or anyone wants me to be in their blog, you can contact me too! It will be amazing to work with other bloggers!

That’s all for today. I’m really excited to be back in the blogging world!


Goodbye For Now

As noticed, I’ve been inactive… again!

As you all know, I’ve been having problems regarding my inspiration and ideas to write anything in my blog and it’s been so so hard to battle it. Not only that, I really have a hectic schedule right now. I’m finishing projects while practicing for a school dance competition and it’s taking up all of my energy to do anything.

I’ve been trying to focus all my attention on other things but I’ve been forgetting to focus on myself! I’ve been sleeping really late and eating unhealthy. I’m not doing anything that I love and that is productive for me like editing and graphic designing.

So, I said “I’m going to take a break” and that’s what I’m going to do. Our semestral break is coming up so that’s a really perfect time to have a break but the problem is I won’t be back ’til December or 2018. So, why? There are 3 main reasons.

– I want to improve my skills as a blogger such as graphic design and writing so I’ll definitely do tons of research and practice and that will take time obviously!
– I want to find a new inspiration and motivation to do blogging and this will be hard for me personally.
– I want to re-brand and expand my blog and I’m doing a lot of research for this part so I really need a long time to get it right!

I hope you understand. I may come back earlier or on 2018, you will never know but let’s hope that when I come back, I’m better than before!

Goodbye for now!

New Founds: Musicals (Again)



New Found is back with another musicals list! If you know me, I love musicals! I think it’s just clever to tell a story using songs and it adds a flare to the whole thing. I have found two new musicals and I am obsessed with this. Without further ado, here are my new founds!


Waitress, based on the 2007 film of the same name, is a musical about Jenna Hunterson, a waitress and expert pie baker at Joe’s Diner in an unhappy marriage. Music and lyrics are written by Sara Bareilles and the book is written by Jessie Nelson.

This musical is really really amazing. Number one, the characters are amazing, especially the dynamics between them. Number two, the story is so interesting. It’s amazing how they twist the story and the story of each character. I really love the love story between Dawn and Ogie. But the amazing thing about this musical is the music of course. Sara Bareilles did an amazing job with the music! The harmonies in each songs are good and they just blend so well. The song also highlights how powerful the singer’s voice is! The album is on Spotify so please go and listen!


Come From Away is set on the following week of the 9/11 attack and tells the true story when 38 planes land unexpectedly in Gander, Newfoundland. The book, music and lyrics are written by Irene Sankoff and David Hein. (I am listening to the cast recording while writing this) (also, this musical opened on Broadway this year)

This is just a beautiful musical. This musical reminds us the capacity of kindness and how love can triumph over hate. Also, the songs are amazing. It features “”rock, folk and Gaelic-sounding strains”. The lyrics are also so amazing. Another amazing thing about this musical is the cast. Each actor portrays two to more characters, all with different songs, dialogues and accent, and it’s mind-blowing how they can execute it! As said, this musical debuted on Broadway just this year and it’s amazing how they are getting so much attention and good reviews.

I hope you enjoy this post. I’m trying to post more and please pray for me to actually achieve this because my schoolworks are getting crazier! I’ll see you again!

I Want To Write Like A Book or Something


You know that I love love reading novels To some people, reading is boring. People always ask me “How can you even read that?” or “You can read that in 3 days?” and etcetera.

My love for books paved way for my love of writing which lead me to blogging and being in the official student publication of our school. Anyways, I’ve tried to go beyond and actually attempted to write a book.

It’s an apocalyptic themed book which I don’t remember the title. It’s about a girl trying to survive with her family after a zombie breakout. I was so excited to work with this idea and then suddenly, I just stopped it because 1.) I got self doubts, 2.) I was really busy with school and 3.) I can’t think of an amazing plot.

But lately, this year, I am having thoughts of writing again because I’ve had an idea for a fantasy series. It’s a really complex idea, this one. And then, recently, I’ve had an idea for a mystery book and a coming of age genre kind of short story.

These idea always bug me like when I’m trying to study or when I’m about to sleep. You can just see me at 11 pm in my bed, lying with my eyes wide open, trying to think of the setting and the plot for the novel.

I really want to develop these ideas but again, I’m busy with school and it will be a long process!

You might all be wondering what are these ideas. Here they go:

  • The working title for the fantasy one is “The Immortal Files: Child of Light”. There are deities called Immortals and they are from another realm. The main character founds out that he’s the Child of Light, the child of the Immortal of Light and the one prophesied to beat the Dark Immortal. He’s suddenly transported into the realm of the Immortals and other supernatural characters (there are witches, magi and others). In this realm, there’s a safe haven for the children of the other Immortals where the main character is immersed into the lore of the whole realm and the Immortals. The conflict is that 1.) the Dark Immortal is back andthe safety of the children is threatened after murders started happening  in the safe haven.
  • There are other fantasy ideas such “The Wicked Files”, “The Cursed Files” and “The Majesty Files”. One thing interesting about all these ideas is that they happen at the same realm of the Immortals so there might be crossovers and such. As I said, it’s really complex.
  • I have this idea about teenagers and different issues they’re struggling with such as anxiety, depression, family problems, eating disorder, sexual orientation and etcetera. It’s a serious one as you can tell. It’s called “No Filter”. There 3-6 characters (I can’t decide) who has their own kind of conflict and POV and then they meet each other because of another conflict (which is the main one). I can’t think of a conflict that will work for this. I thought of that they all have a common friend that died because of suicide and they meet each other because of this tragedy. The problem with this is the plot.
  • The last idea actually came from “No Filter”. It’s a mystery story where 3 friends founds out that their friend commited suicide. Then, they found a suicide note and quickly noticed that it’s not their friend’s handwriting which they concluded it’s forged. They began speculating if their friend actually killed himself/herself or he/she was killed. Then, one thought that there’s a mysterious figure trying to terrorize them which began a hysteria for them. It’s kind of Pretty Little Liars kind of things with a little dash of Heathers.

That’s all of it.

I really want to develop this ideas but I’m just so afraid of the process so if anyone can lend a helping hand, that would be awesome. Also, share your thoughts about these ideas because if I officially made up my mind and tried to do one of this ideas, I would need your suggestions and opinions.

That’s all for now. I hope you like this post. I’ll see you again soon! Bye!

I’m All Out of Ideas

Hey guys!

As you can see, I have been inactive in the blogosphere. The obvious reason is that I’m pretty busy with school (it will get a lot more busy). It’s my last year in junior high school so I’m really giving my best, hoping to have a lot of accomplishments and be in the honor roll.

But there’s another problem. I am out of ideas. I literally don’t know what to write anymore. I spend hours of thinking and brainstorming and I just can’t think of a good idea.

“It must be writer’s block”, I say but this has been going on for like weeks or months even. I’ve lost tracked. What kind of writer’s block is this?

But it’s not just “I can’t think of any ideas”. Sometimes it’s “I have many ideas but they’re all pretty mediocre and trash”. Sometime’s it’s “I have this idea, very awesome, but I can’t develop it”.

It’s just so exhausting.

It’s been so hard because all I’m writing now are weekly events in my life (Life Snippets). It’s just so repetitive and I don’t want everyone reading my blog to read the same thing over and over again. I want you all to read an interesting post that you can all enjoy.

I literally don’t know how to deal with this and I don’t want to take breaks because I’ve been inactive for too long and I miss writing.

If you can help me out, that would be amazing. Also, sorry for a short post. I just want to get it out of my system and blogging has been a great outlet for this so I hope you understand.


I Am Back

Hello there!


I am back! So so sorry for being inactive for like 2 weeks. There was so much to do these past weeks such as projects and requirements, and exams. Also, a lot happened so here’s a recap!

– I just realized that I haven’t listen to any songs other than musicals for like 3 or 4 months. Insane, right? Well, blame the musicals because musicals are so amazing! I recommend each and everyone of you to listen to one and get immersed. You won’t regret it. Speaking of musicals, I am obsessed with Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 and I am so sad because the show’s last performance will be on September 3. It was a really really great musical. Even though it’s ending, everyone can still support so please do. Listen the album on Spotify (there’s one for the Original Cast and Original Broadway Cast) or watch it if you can afford it.

– Last last week, there was a lot of projects and requirements to be done and most of them was to be submitted on August 11, which is just crazy. All those days, I was thinking “August 11 will be the death of me”. There was a letter to our president about unemployment, a video of a flash mob we did in my school, a brochure about anti-alcoholism and anti-smoking and a reaction and reflection paper in our Christian Formation. These were all hard to do.

– The following week was exam week. It’s our first periodical exam and boy oh boy was it a pain in the butt. There were a lot of things to be memorized and studied such as Iliad and Oddysey, biomes and how DNA are made, and herbal medicines. This was a lot you guys. Though, I think I did really good, both at reviewing and having the exam. Here’s hoping to have good scores! (I wrote this 14 days ago and continuing this. I already got my test and the results are good, I din’t fail or had any low scores. Some were really really high so I’m happy.

– I joined a speech choir competition and we’ve already competed. Spoiler alert: we won! Anyways, the practice were really really hard and tiring. Everything needs to be perfect from the actions, the way we speak and pronounce the word and our facial expressions. Our teacher (which is my classmate by the way. She’s really great) is strict yet kind (she always shout “TOP!”). Jump to the day of the competition, we were stressed and nervous. My voice is a little cracked. Then, it was our time to perform. My legs were shaking and being on stage is nerve-racking. a lot of people is watching you and you may commit one mistake. You may say the wrong word and disrupt the whole performance. It was intense. After the performance, after getting down, we were so happy because we knew we did our best and it was almost perfect ( just little flaws. No one noticed them except from us ). Jump to the announcement of winner, we were nervous but then our principal (it’s a school competition) had us shocked (or shookt) when she offers the trophy immediately before the announcement of the champion. Talk about spoiler alert. Anyways, we still didn’t expect because everyone was good and then it was announced the we won and I wasn’t listening. My co-members were already jumping out of excitement and I was just standing there but then I realized that we won and oh my god, it was the best feeling ever.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll be back for more. Goodbye!